My Story

Growing up in the rural areas of the Cape Province in South Africa, I was exposed to the peaceful way of life. My father was the first person to open up my mind and eyes to art around me. In more ways than one, this introduction into the arts influenced my talents and skills as I was challenged to capture my everyday world in my early sketches.

Married at 19, my focus shifted to looking after my expanding family. I now have 3 amazing children that are the light of my world. Adventure follows our family as we have lived in diverse places and backpacked as a family through Europe for almost a year. Each wonderful experience we have lived through, has brought an incredible depth to my art.

Even though art has been a part of my life since childhood, I enjoyed it mostly as a hobby. This all changed about a year ago, when I decided to dedicate myself to this wonderful gift given to me. Since then (2016) my art has flourished.

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My social media is there for all the loved ones, friends and art lovers, to share my art journey. Facebook hosts the art off my easel, while my blog on Wordpress shares my thoughts on the adventure of my art life. Works in progress usually appear as sneak peaks on my Instagram account, whereas Twitter is the place I post quotes I come across that inspire me. Come and join this adventure! Link up with me! Follow along today!

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Tara-Lee Hollander

Little secrets about me: Autumn colours are my favourite colours to work in. Finishing off my canvas' edges is my least favourite part of painting. I was very afraid to work with oils for the first time and put off working with them for years – now I hardly ever paint with any other medium.

The Hollander Family

My beautiful family that supports and encourages me on my art journey is made up of my three children and my husband. Taking care of my art marketing Pierre controls all of the stuff I dislike doing - give me a paintbrush and I am at my happiest; tell me to do the admin around my art and I cringe!.

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